Hello Kitty PSI Index & Limited Edition Singapore Haze Kitties


And while fans queue up to score their Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty plush (and here I thought I could score it online, until SG McDees halted their deliveries ;p) - finding these images referencing the plush "Fairytale" Hello Kitty put a smile on my face, instead of the anger of the perpetuating haze situation, with the above "Hello Kitty PSI Index" image made by "Jackson Lim" (snagged via Ronnie Ho's Facebook - I wish I could find a clearer graphic tho, believe me I tried) and the below posted anti-HazeKitty spotted on Mitsueki, and "HAZE-O-Kitty" from SGAG.


NOTE: "PSI" refers to "(the)common abbreviation for "Pollutant Standard Index". It is a method of measuring air pressure" - with currently the most sort after set of numbers in Singapore (after a person's salary … J/K) measured in reference to the degree of air pollution now, due to the Haze situation originating from Indonesia, Sumatra.

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