Spray Paint Porcelain Edition 1 by NooN via K.Olin tribu (June 19 sale)


K.Olin tribu is proud to present its new collaboration with the French artist: NooN. After his work on cranes on skulls, here is the new concept: "spray paint porcelain size 1".

Limited to 50 pieces, you can Pre Order yours via from June 19, 2013 at 18:00 French time. Measuring 19cm tall x 7.5cm diameter - the size of an actual can (as seen in pics above / via @kolintribu) - featuring hand-embellishments by NooN himself!

Price is 200 euros for European-orders, and 167.22 Euros for non-European-orders, the item comes delivered in a wooden case. The "fine art" sculptural notions embodied by the delicate porcelain and accented flowers, embracing one of the main icons for art of the urban streets = I am so loving this!


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