Zoppy & Zoppy Dog by TOUMA for San Diego ComicCon 2013


Japanese character designer TOUMA will be rocking San Diego ComicCon this year with a duo releases featuring ZOPPY and ZOPPY DOG! Previously available in events in Japan, a new round of colorways of these "Cute Zombie Figures For Beginners" will hit SDCC - with both items limited to only 40 pieces each bagged-n-tagged - of which only 30pcs of each will release at SDCC, while 10#s each will be made available in Japan! Yes, even lesser to be had, folks at SDCC!

Zoppy is priced at US$40 each, while Zoopy Dog is US$30 per. These were self-produced by TOUMA himself, mind you! Stay tuned for availability details of "WHERE" to snag these goodies!


Additional images via @toumart

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