Customs by David Stevenson for Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con July 20-21)


David Stevenson sends over snaps of his custom pieces that he'll be having for sale at his booth at this weekend's Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con (July 20 & 21).
"I have decided to evolve my Jungle themes, into creating the animals that were attached to the eyes peering out of the jungle on my past customs … the 1st are my set of Jogging Elephants. They are on a fun run to help raise money to save their disappearing habitat. each stands 3.5" tall and will be available for £35 each … The second set are scratch and Ted. Both stand 7.5" tall and will be available for £90 each." ~added David.
David has quite an "affinity" with Dudebox characters, it seems … Shown below is yet another piece to be on show: a 7.5" Ted called Jigsaw.


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