11 new customs to be added to final weeks of the 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign


PRESS: "There are only 2 weeks left on the 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign and the project is 77% funded as of this post! The first round of custom one-offs was such a success, that a 2nd Round or resin one-offs comprising of 11 all new pieces will be going live this coming Friday, August 9th, at 8pm EST! Pics and pricing info for the new customs have been added to the page, so you can check em all out there before the official drop this Friday!

The first Round of 13 one-offs sold within one day, so this second batch are sure to disappear quickly! Painted and DIY blank sofubi versions of the 8-Ball figure are still available throughout the end of the campaign. The standard red painted version of the figure will be retired at the campaign’s end, so get one before it’s gone!"


Artists included this round include ERA Sculpture, Monster Island, Johan Ulrich, Manny X, Tim Stephson, DuBose Art, Blurble One, SeriouslySillyK, Tony Simione and Motorbot - previews of which are shown here. Looking pretty much a swell line-up indeed!

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