Mecha versus Monsters: EVA BE@RBRICKS vs Max Toy Co Micro Kaiju

IMG_6060 387b8e26027411e3939222000a9f1385_7

The theme of the third issue of my self-published I LIKE TOYS is essentially 'MECHA VS MONSTERS' (but first i have to release issue #2 first, i know i know ;p), so it was such delicious serendipity i chanced across these two Micro Nekoron and Micro Negora at a stall in the sunday flea market at China Square Central - thinking they might have been bootlegs, i bought two to snap pics of and send off to Mark Nagata … not before giving the buying-tip to Daniel and Joshua muahahahahaha

IMG_6051 IMG_6085

Anyways, i was at CSC to specifically look for the recently released Evangelion BEARBRICKS from Medicom Toy (yes, all three x 2-packs, so help me toy-gawds…) but could not find them, and in the end, knowingly walked away with the EVA from the latest BB Series - THAT'S HOW I KNOW I AM IN-DEEP - and had fun posing them together - although it looks more like hand-to-hand-dancing and loving embraces, instead of toy-fights LOL


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