1/16 Ma.K. KAUZ & FLIEGE from Kow Yokoyama x Sen-ti-nel #MaschinenKrieger (Seen @ #AFA13)


Spotted on display at the La Tendo booth at AFA13 were Ma.K. Action Models 06 thru to 09. Designed/created by Kow Yokoyama, the line features KAUZ and FLIEGE units from his infamous "Maschinen Krieger" concept. Produced by Sen-ti-nel from Japan, the 1/16-scaled "Ma.k. KAUZ Action Model 06" is scheduled for a February 2014 release (pre-orders closed on Nov 16), while details for the rest of the line is undetermined, but they sure look hella awesome!
"The hatch opens and closes, and the pilot's helmet can be removed. 19 points of articulation. Made of ABS, PA, ATBC-PVC, and metal. Includes a display stand. Stands about 14cm tall." (About Ma.K. KAUZ Action Model 06 on / Item priced at US$96)

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