DC Comics Goes Steampunk

Above-left: Batgirl #28 art by J.G. Jones
Above-right: Action Comics #28 art by Dave Johnson
Below-left: Detective Comics #28 art by Klaus Janson
Below-right: Harley Quinn #3 art by Tommy Lee Edwards

… or at least the comicbook covers do, in the month of February 2014! Posted here are just a select few of my favs, with the rest viewable here on Facebook (all images via HitFix / CBR), with a total of 20 x steampunk-influenced variant covers to be expected, from their "New 52" line. Would be awesome to see them as "Cosplays" too, innit? *SWOON*

Above-left: Superman/Wonder Woman #5 variant by Dan Panosian
Above-right: Batman/Superman variant by Tommy Lee Edwards
Below-left: Teen Titan #28 art by Jason Pearson
Below-right: Justice League #28 variant by Dan Panosian

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