"Star Wars" CE special edition by BoonLuan Studio

Napat at MAFIA Factory of Thailand shares with us snaps and info of their new CE production piece, made with a new local client, BoonLuan Studio. "They are a group of local designer who always work as a behind-the-scenes designer team in entertainment industry in Thailand and Laos." -added Napat. The pieces are to be sold in Star Wars Thailand Fanclub only, with all proceeds going to the fanclub's charity purposes.

"They love local retro design and movies, especially Sci-Fi movies. They bought our CE Toy and produce their first special edition Fan Art series inspired by their beloved movie, Star Wars, with a limited edition 100 units each.

Their first series have 2 toys, black and white … Both of the back card designed from Local movie poster which use for promote 2 editions of Star Wars movies series in Thailand. At that time, They named them "The War of the World" instead of "Star Wars" for some reason."
-share Napat.

(Thai movie poster for Star Wars / Pic via

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