Hermit Monsters by Kenneth Tang for #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (Sept 12-13)

Kenneth Tang> AKA Black Seed is known for creating macabre creations based on pop culture characters, but this time, he has produced his very own original character creations, and have them produced in soft vinyl / sofubi!

Sized between 12cm to 13cm tall, these cuties (as "cute" as "baby kaiju" looks :p) are themed along the concept of "monsters", a trio of creatures prepare to greet folks at the coming weekend's Singapore Toy, Games & Comc-Con, with "Cocoa" (top-left), "Pineapple" and "Corm" (top-right) HERMIT MONSTERS learning the charge!

As we await further product information, here are more peeks at the clear vinyl pieces, which will complement the "colored" characters seen above! And don't forget to head on over to Artist Alley Booth AA90

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