Invasion of #CatMaskToy Awesomess in the TOYSREVI HQ

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EPICNESS arrived in the TOYSREVIL HQ today (or rather would have been "last week", but I'd missed the delivery and had to collect the package at the local post office… but I digress :p) p in the form of indie resin figures from Thailand-based resin slinger CatMaskToy! Included in this splendid selection was the "The Force Awakens" Kylo-Ren inspired Catlo Ren (Purchase online here for US$30), the Scout Biker-inspired Slowly Bike Cat Gold Edition (epic gold, I tells'ya!), and a Glow in The Dark Edition Shocker Cat Blue Mint (Purchase online here for US$30) … ho-boy, let me catch my breath here!

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And to cap off this fantabulous friday, is the one-sixth scaled Catmask Helmet! Coming in at a "perfect" time too, when my passion for 1/6th is slowly but surely reigniting in my toy-loving heart, this'll be utter FUN to kitbash into a character (for a team/squad I have in mind to create now :p). Thanks CatMaskToy and Tana Wongsuwan! You made me smile like a kid (again) with a christmas box of toys today! :)

P/S: The 1/6 helmet is not listed in the shop, and you might have t go bug @catmask_meaw on Instagram, or his Facebook and/or Tana's FB to score one tho :)

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