My Kitbashed 1/6 Figure with Skull Head by Skull 13

My passion for 1/6 has slowly but surely been re-ignited, all the wondrous adventures of customs and kitbashing lay await my jumping into the bottomless pit of plastic crack addiction LOL

One of the main catalysts has to be this Skull headsculpt from Taiwanese designer / creator known as 13 ART / Skull Man / Skull 13, with me eyeing them for some time, and finally snagged one when I had the opportunity to interview the man post-STGCC, when he was in town. And while I'd finally decided on the Bone-white edition, my hearts were also dying to snag the dark hued ones … perhaps another time, another event …

Nevertheless, here are some quick snaps of the headsculpt in action, with a make-shift body (BBI's G1 body, actually), alongside GUMS Productions' Scout Dog and BlackSeed's kaiju monster … as well a quick page of sketches of possible kitbash ideas …

Ambush #toylife

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