The #GloriousLeader With Pointing At Things Action from Contra Bandidos

One of the most fun finds at #STGCC2015 this year, was GLORIOUS LEADER from new toy-folks "Contra Bandidos" (check out their Instagram @contrabandidos).

I first spotted them at Thailand Toy Expo earlier this year, but information was non-existent online, and neither were my queries answered … but over the weekend just, not only were the figures made available for sales to folks in Singapore, more information was to be had, and "surprises" to come! Everyone's "favorite" North Korean President is now amongst us mortals, ever ready to point at stuff! And his late-"Father" is along for the ride too! Stay tuned for a further in-depth toy review, along with news updates on this series :)

Meanwhile, here is a look at some images of The Glorious Leader Pointing At Things, with well, "Pointing Action"! … And expect MORE pointing-at-things-action on IG @toysrevil (hash-tagged "#toysrevilpoint")

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