#TOYSREVILSTGCCtoyscore for #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention

All images herein this Facebook album were first instagrammed on @toysrevil (hashtagged "#TOYSREVILSTGCCtoyscore") between Saturday Sept 12th to Sunday Sept 13th of 2015, so the captions provided might not be wholly relevant though, at least timeline wise anyways … :p

Be that as it may, the toys remain my loot / toy-score this year's Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention bought and/or and gifted, and represents my downfall to eventual financial ruin for the rest of the year, fhanks!

And as well posted are as much information as I am able to give (at least "Artist" links), until such time some of these babies make it to the TOYSREVIL-blog (FYI: I might not blog in detail or review toys I paid money for, but I might still feature them … no promises tho :p).


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