Twelvedot x Pobber's "Roadkill: Safe Passage" Revealed?

And while the image is nay tiny (will update with full reveal, of course :p), this nevertheless is another look at Twelvedot's "Roadkill: Safe Passage" with local toy producing brand "Pobber" (previously teased), showcasing what seems to be an extremely abstract and stylized depiction of said amphibian!

Am looking forward to view it in person at Booth AA84, AA86 & AA88 in the coming weekend's Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con! (Sept 12-13)
WHAT-IS: "Roadkill marks the first collaboration between Pobber (SG) and Twelvedot (Korea). It continues Twelvedot’s obsession with frogs and the urgent need to bring to attention the plight of roadkill animals, specifically smaller animals like frogs. Millions of animals are killed each year on the roads but equally shocking is that an estimated 95% of roadkill appears to be amphibians."
The recently announced Finalist in the 2015 Designer Toy Awards for "Breakthrough Artist Of The Year", Korean design studio / designer Twelvedot will also be in attendance at the Pobber booth! So be sure to drop by, congratulate him and snag some awesomeness!

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