Videos of Hot Toys on display @ #STGCC2015

I have zero photos or videos of the Hot Toys' exhibits at #STGCC2015, but thank goodness other folks do!

I just remembered gazing longingly at the TOUMA-designed Artist Mix Avengers and Ant-Man, trying to convince myself the figures were affordable … and I really love TOUMA's character design … but no, they were beyond my meagre budget, so all can do now is to bitch like a little boy about it on my own blog … *man-tear*

I do have a sole pic (swiped from my buddy Kerwin) though, of the queue at MBS for the Hot Toys exclusives, for whom this dude (whom I randomly met in the cafe and started chatting with) mentioned folks started queuing up the night before the doors opened for STGCC, from 6pm onwards. Talk about "devotion"!

…meanwhile, more videos!

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