Banksy's Dismaland Closes It's Doors

Banksy's Dismaland came and closed and with whatever excitement I had at the notion and launch, since dissipated and dulled by time attention grabbed by other bright shiny things, especially where the concept of subversifying mass "pop culture" is strife in the practice of mashed-up "bootleggery" within the "art toy" world, anyways, innit?

Meanwhile featured above is a splendid filmlet made by Jamie Brightmore that is right beautiful (thanks for the headsup SlashFilm) … while I managed to find this "walkthrough" made by Kieran Hutchings, to bring some sense of "geography" to the mad-genius of the happenings (you've got to lower the audio tho, as the muffled sounds of wind is hugely distracting, sorry) … gotta love the distorted background country twangs tho LOL ~ #ENJOY

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