“CAT WITH DAGGER" vinyl by Deth P. Sun now on pre-order via FOE

Known for his art mostly seen at Giant Robot art shows (for this ignorant little blog of mine anyways :p), artist Deth P. Sun will be releasing his iconic feline character hero (seen in his art) as a 3-dimensional collectible! Introducing the “CAT WITH DAGGER" vinyl figure standing 6” tall!
OFFICIAL PRESS BLURB: "Deth P. Sun’s heroic cat of mysterious adventures steps out in 3D vinyl for the first time! FOE Gallery is available by pre-orders for Cat with Dagger through October 19th. You can purchase Cat with Dagger online or in the shop. Unpainted Classic Gray is $50 and Painted Classic Cat is $65 with white, black and silver paint." (Read the FAQ for the release)

FOE Store & Gallery
114 Main St #2
Northampton MA 01060

(Thanks for the headsup, Jim!)

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