Huck Gee's Skullhead Blanks Released & Sold Out!

Released October 2nd on was THE BLANK from Huck Gee. Standing 7 inches tall, made in hand-cast resin, designed and produced in the USA - each figure is signed and available for US$75 (with free domestic shipping). As of this post, the item is listed as "Sold Out"- and congrats to Huck!
"Well I didn't expect them to go that fast... Thank you everyone! I will have an additional batch for a limited adventurous release during NYCC and will restock the store ASAP (which means a few weeks). Apologies to everyone that didn't get one! I will be announcing my NYCC plans on Monday. Stay tuned." (Huck on Facebook)
So now at least the thief/thieves of his Skullhead Blanks stolen at STGCC know the price now, eh? Folks intending to bid on these post-sale online do make sure you got the legit unstolen pieces, yeh? I'd suspect the pilfered ones are not "signed", maybe?

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