#Inktober Day21: Werewolf for #toysketch #Inktober2015

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Catching-up on my Inktober, with plans for Day 21-30 being delayed for a few days due to my indecision and basic fear of doing a decent job of doodling (I resolved this by realizing and accepting that I will not be doing a good job thereof, which liberated me LOL), but things needed be done, and I present to you Day21: WEREWOLF!

Utilizing the CE Buddy DIY Blank figure (From MAFIA Factory x CE Planet) - which allowed the swiveling of the "inner head", so I could play with the notion of "transformation" … and what better way to lead into Halloween with a classic monster character, yeh?

Not my cleanest work, but enjoy nevertheless [ More images can be viewed HERE on FB ] … meanwhile, I need to catch up with Day22!

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