#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Jerry Teo

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TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME for your Inktober this year?
JERRY TEO: "This year the theme is US Special Operations Servicemen. There are some within that community who are pushing for October to be a month to celebrate the special operators. What better way to get in on the action?"
TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
JERRY TEO: "I use an ink pen. Lol. No no I use Uni PIN fine-liner pens and a Pentel brush pen. "
TOYSREVIL: WHERE should folks go to see your Inktober for 2015, and for more of your art?
JERRY TEO: "Just on Facebook. I'm managing too many Rex Regrets account to set up more LOL!" ( /

(Above: Jerry's chosen favorite illustration from Day 1-10)

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