#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Marko Markowicz

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TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME for your Inktober this year?
MARKO MARKOWICZ: "I don't have any theme. Inktober is my motivation for exercises of manual drawing"
TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
- Pigma Micron 04
- Pigma Brush
- Pigma Graphic 3
- Letraset Tria Marker NG07
- Letrasey Tria Marker NG02"
TOYSREVIL: Folks can check out Poland-based artist Marko's Inktober art on his dedicated Facebook album and his Instagram @markowiczmarko, and as well he also designs paper toys! You can see them on Thanks for sharing, Marko! :)

(Above: Marko's fav illustration from Day 1-10)

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