Ltd Edtn Nimbus, Prints & Pins from Kurobokan for #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

Besides the debut of the vinyl Daydream Nimbus, there are other goodies to be had at the Kurobokan Booth A90 at the 2015 Taipei Toy Festival, including "Stone Age - Pyrus" edition of Daydream (Nimbus) made from Teak Wood with inlayed stone, as well the (previously featured) "Ancient Dream" Edition Nimbus. There are also the Sleepwalker Nimbus, featuring figure sculpting by Chaukoskis !

If collectibles are not your bag, there are also prints to be had, including canvas art of Nimbus by MrKumKum (limited to 10 only) and BABBOT collaboration prints ("A happy project by Ykha Amelz & Hendra Jaya Putra" @babbotbabbot) that look positively adorable!

Enamel pins sure are the "IN" accessories these days, and Kurobokan as a small but sweet selection to be had too! Today Sunday is the LAST DAY of TTF, so head-on up to Booth A90 and tell them TOYSREVIL sent ya! :)

(All images via IG @kurobokan)

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