SangsangMadang / SSMD Figure Design Production (Booth A44) @ #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

The SangsangMadang booth A44 is one of the must-look spots at Taipei Toy Festival 2015 this year, with the displays featured here being all hand-made creations, from "Greysmiths" of the 3rd class of SSMD Figure Design Production!

(FYI: Earlier graduates include the TOWOOZ Collective and the winner of "Breal-Through Artist" in the 2015 Designer Toy Awards, twelveDot!)

The SSMD has been exhibiting at TTF since the first class too! *AWESOME*

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Taipei toy festival 2015 / dokkabi

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Absolutely blown away with the sheer onslaught of the character design and esthetics seen here, IMHO. And utterly awesome the folks in South Korea have an actual class to learn character design, and having their works being exhibited beyond their home country, is an absolute blast, methinks! Kudos too to the Korean Tourism Board apparently! Check put some of the individual artists on their teamgreysmith Facebook.

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(Lee Minho)

(Thanks to Coolrain / IG @coolrainlee for the spotlight and description, otherwise I'd be totally clueless of about this awesomeness!)

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