TOTEM Print Sculpture by Joe Ledbetter x Prints On Wood

Available starting Thursday, Oct 22 (11AM Pacific Time) @ is Joe Ledbetter's TOTEM print sculpture. Priced at US$250 per, orders will close by Tuesday, Oct 27 (11PM Pacific Time) whereby the edition size will be determined based on orders.
PRESS: "Blurring the lines between fine art print, sculpture and fun, artist Joe Ledbetter has joined forces with Prints on Wood to release a special new print sculpture! This unique object d'art features two double-sided fine art prints on wood, fitting together to form a fantastic stand-alone Totem sculpture. Created by Joe Ledbetter, this fascinating new piece flirts with multiple dimensions as 2D surfaces interact within a 3D space, making it a 2.5D creation. Totem stands over 2 feet tall (15-inches wide), with 4 unique intersections of artwork."

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