TOY LORDS OF CHINATOWN EP4 Now Live! & Toys too!

PLOT: "The tables have turned! What happens when the browbeaten Villainous Cockroach VECTAR THE INTOLERABLE gets the upper hand on THE SUCKLORD? Will he be able to hold his spot at the top of the Bootleg pyramid or will it all come crashing down? Watch and find out!" (Source / Featuring music by The Crystal Pharaoh)

After years of bitter toil, the next installment of the Epic No-Budget Sci-Fi Comedy Thriller TOY LORDS OF CHINATOWN was launched circa New York Comic-Con, and is now available to view online! As well TOYS seen from the show is currently listed up for sale on - featuring Vector Vinyl and Bootleg Dumny, and blister-carded goodness "Ira Tyranusberg" and "Big Bacon"!

The Sucklord has been one of the very few folks who'd "re-started" and brought this blister-card movement to the art toy world consciousness in recent years with his products, and I think it's high time folks acknowledged that. IMHO.

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