twelveDot @ #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

Revealed and making a debut at Taipei Toy Festival 2015 is twelveDot's "Rainy Monday" APO Frogs! The blue-hued frogs are clad in a digital cam coat of sorts, no doubt fresh from the spanking new APO Frogs Boutique - featuring coats made by Faye Kim (Congrats Faye! Notice I never showed your face like your hubby did :p) … now I need a TOYSREVIL-mascot hoodie to do a special 10x10 Edition … :p

As well on display is twelveDot's PLAYBOY Collectible made by Coartism x Blitzway - currently on pre-order, so folks are to make their way to Booth A63 to enquire, and as well check out the frogs!

All images here via Instagram @twelvedot - and I'll update this post once the Monster Dot edition APO Frogs are seen!

FYI: APO Frogs - Rainy Day versions are limited to 200 pieces worldwide, with International sales to follow shortly after TTF.

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