A Look at #GipsyDanger #gasaphon for #PacificRim from #Kaiyodo

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Just to give you folk a headsup - there'll be regular features on gashapons in the days to come, showcasing the onslaught of "toy-sin" I had since committed by purchasing online (check in with your fav retailers for availability), and I aim to share images if them! Images AND videos only :P

"First" looks most likely will be on my Instagram @toysrevil, then on my new gshapon-dedicated blog @ gachaGachaGACHAAAaaaaaa (I don't start blogs for "nothing" okay? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), and a headsup on TOYSREVIL.

Don't worry, most of them are not the "latest" releases (my kungfu financial pockets not that deep yet), so there's no [articular rush (per se) … with that in mind, the FIRST figure getting the showcase treatment, is GIPSY DANGER from PACIFIC RIM! Produced by Kaiyodo, this is part of Vol:1 Collection … more figures will be featured individually :)

See more of "Gipsy Danger" on gachaGachaGACHAAA (TAGGED for future features) and my Pacific Rim homage blog @ :)

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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