Blackula Calrissean in Regular & GID Editions by Angry Koala Gear x Obscure fror #DesignerCon

And while I've previously featured this item, Matt "Obscure" Perez sends over more images and info, for "Blackula Calrissean"!

A mashup of the 70's movie, Blackula and Lando Calrissean - this Angry Koala Gear x Obscure bootleg release for Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) will be available both as a fully painted version - exclusive release with DKE for US$40 apiece, AND a very limited release of GID versions at Booth #200 for US$20 each.
"Mold, casting, and painting were done by myself (Obscure). The card backs were designed by the Angry Koala Gear team, and are being produced by our friend, fellow artist, Dead Greedy … we will (also) have a few painted versions of our "Darth Feratu" and "Lil Fett" bootlegs for $30 each." - shared Matt.
Angry Koala Gear @ / IG: @angrykoalagear
Obscure @ Facebook / IG: @obscureakg
Dead Greedy @ Facebook / IG: @deadgreedy

(Thanks for the headsup, Matt)

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