Bubi Au Yeung's Treeson & Ren Available To Pre-Order Now, including a "Fluffy House Special Edition"

We've seen reveals of Bubi Au Yeoung's new Treeson and Ren with Fluffy House thus far (They've even "visited" Taiwan!) … and now folks do not have to wait any longer to snag them!

The original colorway REN is available for pre-order here @ US$45, and TREESON can be had for US$49 - both with an estimated mid-December shipout.

But what has also snagged our attention, is the "Fluffy House Special Edition" of the new Treeson & Ren! Featuring different colored hair (for Ren) and a different face (for Treeson) - they are now available to purchase here now for US$100. This "10 Years Anniversary" set is exclusive to Fluffy's web-shop, and is limited to only 100 sets worldwide! Here are more stats and pics!

-It comes with a carved wooden case with number.
-A set of Ren and Treeson in special color is included
-Height: Ren ~ 4.5 inch; Treeson: 5 inch
-Material: Vinyl
-Ren: Movable head and arms; Treeson: Movable arms
*Shipment around Mid-December

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