Hug Shrew - Winter Edition from from Monster Pie Toys Available Now!

Zoé Binetat from Monster Pie Toys sends words and pics of the latest release of HUG SHREW - WNTER EDITION! Currently available at, priced at 25£ (includes resin toy and felted nest), scroll down for more pics of the darlings, and the official press;

"Hug Shrew is a hand-sculpted, hand-casted resin figure. They are like a small piece of love in your hand and are constantly looking for friends to cuddle with. This is a special edition of 4 numbered hand-painted pieces for the season. As the snow on their heads melts by the fireplace, they will melt your heart too! They come each in their cozy felted nest to keep them warm during the long winter nights. Made by Zoé Binet from Monster Pie Toys, based in North-East England."
Instagram, Twitter: @monsterpietoys

(Cheers for the headsup, Zoé, and have a wonderfully warm winter!)

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