KITTY SUTRA by Kevin Luong x Munky King To Be Revealed At #DesignerCon

Artist Kevin Luong is known for his cat illustrations … adorable kitties in all manner of situations and actions … and very soon, you'll be able to hold and own the visage of his kitties, making sweet meow-love!

Debuting for public display for the very first time at Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22) is KITTY SUTRA from Kevin Luong. And seen from these teasers from producers Munky King Toys, it looks throughly intriguing!

Without a doubt based on Kevin's illustrations for his (by now Sold Out) "Kitty Sutra" self-published zine, which features the infamous copulation guide "Kama Sutra" as re-enacted by adorable kitties (illustrations of which can be seen on Kevin's Instagram @iamkevinluong), and based on these teasers so far? "Tastefully" depicted :) … here's looking forward to the reveal this weekend @ Munky King Booth #435!

Stay tuned to updates on IG @munkykingtoys.

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