MC SUPERSIZED GRIN by Ron English x Made by Monsters

Dropped November 16th on and is Ron English's 10th year Anniversary of the MC Supersized GRIN figure (previously teased)! Standing 10" tall, this vinyl beauty sees Ron's McSupersize character outfitted with his iconic GRIN, and is produced by Made by Monsters with a 400pc run.

Note that the figure comes packed in "blind sealed packing", as there are chase inserts to look out for! 320pcs are your standard/regular GRINS, while 40pcs are GID GRIN Secret, and 40pcs are Platinum GRIN Secrets! (See images below)

JPS Gallery had it listed at US$260 per (online sales) and is since Sold Out! Time to go bug your fav retailer(s) for any semblance of availability, or time to trawl the online auctions, because it looks magnificent!

(Pics via IG @bbcbyjps)

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