Medicom Toy Does ALIENS in VCD & 400% BEARBRICKS

While "in space no one can hear you scream" … in a toyshop, everyone can hear your enthusiastic wobbling - YAY! From Medicom Toy comes two slices of toy-newsery, which might somehow incite such screams of joy … presenting VCD (*Vinyl Collectible Doll) ALIEN and WARRIOR ALIEN! Designed by H8GRAPHiX & MOTOR KEN, these 22cm tall figures each has a SRP of ¥8,800 (approx US$72 / SG$102) and they look simply magnificent in their super-deformed guise, don't they? (Overseas orders here)

But if that does not float your boat, then perhaps these BE@RBICK Editions would?

Sized 400% AKA 28cm tall, the Alien from "ALIENS" and "Alien vs Predator" films get interpreted on BBs, each with a SRP of ¥8,800 (approx US$72 / SG$102), and are similarity awesome. (Overseas orders here). Push becomes shove, I'd pick the BBs over the VCDs though just coz "BBs" :)

Products are scheduled for a April 2016 release.

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