More Teasers for Steel Age Batman from ThreeA Toys

A couple of STEEL AGE BATMAN teaser images from ThreeA Toys (to add to the earlier featured), with the below full-body pic highly brightened in photoshop … I've personally resisted all other comicbook-character interpretations thus far from Ashley Wood, but THIS is making me all excited and such! Hopefully by the time this is released for pre-order (not revealed as yet), I would be able to afford one … AND if there was a "Bambaland-exclusive" edition? I would flip LOL

Original teaser image below:

Dawn of the Steel Age #batmansteelage #threea #designedbyashleywood

A photo posted by Ashley Wood (@ashleywoodart) on

A photo posted by Ashley Wood (@ashleywoodart) on

FYI: 3A's "Steel Age" line of 1/6th scaled figures are based on interpretations of DC Comics characters, parallel to their series with MARVEL comics. Fills me with refreshing geekdom, it does! :)

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