"NOBODY" Custom Shows in Brunei & Singapore Info

We've seen some previews for the touring "NOBODY" custom show presented by STAIN and The Good Habit (**Click on either montage featured below), and now we have a prview of the line-up to share!

"NOBODY" will be held from 16-22nd November 2015 @ P-NUT'S Merchandise Unit 14A-14B (1st floor, The Airport Mall. Berakas, Brunei Darussalam), and features the following artists: TAG'01 (@tag_one_kws_znc), P-NUT (@pnuts_merchandise), BUDI'01 (@budione_kws_znc), NYCER (@madnycer), TYCAL (@madsuki), MZA (@mariahzaharaa), DUST'02 (@dustwoash), SKETCH'01 (@sketch_one),KIMMY (@ikmalina.yf) and NERD INK (@n3rd1nk).

(Click on either montage #onTOYSREVIL in-full!)

In Singapore, opening 21st November 2015 (8 pm-11 pm) @ The Blackbook (71 Sultan Gate, Sultan Arts Village) is the SG-leg of the exhibition, featuring customs from Slacsatu / Cable / Atomick / Hastwo / Roak / S13 / Noez23 / Pedmons / Klax / ClogTwo / InkTen / AshD … no custom previews as yet at time of this post, although we had seen Clogtwo's custom from before :)

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