Revealed: Ink&Clog's ATHENA & ZEUS in "God Mode Versions" (to launch at CHAPTER 1: OF PROPHECIES & AGENDAS)

Revealed today are the "God Mode Versions" of Clogtwo's "ZEUS" (above) and Inkten's "ATHENA" (below) polystone busts, as produced by Mighty Jaxx! These 6-inch tall collectibles will launch at the coming CHAPTER 1: OF PROPHECIES & AGENDAS show by Ink&Clog @ GLITCH Singapore on December 11th (Facebook Events).

The aesthetic for Clog's ZEUS is very reminiscent of his illustration style, while Inkten's ATHENA is somewhat similar to her highly-stylized shapes adopted during her art and mural work, but is more tangible and rooted in anatomical reality here, and looks amazing, IMHO.

No price point nor quantities revealed as yet. Awesome either way!

Earlier WIP (for size comparison):

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