Shadoe Delgado's KOOG Available Now!

Shadoe Delgado shares with us a new Original Resin Figure, named "KOOG" (short for "Kooglyberry") currently available to purchase here for US$20 each!
""Koog" is my newest 3" inch resin figure joining the world of the Shadowlings. This is Kooglyberry, Koog for short. He obsessively eats jelly donuts leaving his tongue tinted by the delicious jelly filling. With multiple color-ways in Blue, Orange, and Green..." - Shadoe Delgado
Check out WIPs of the Koogs on his Instagram: @ShadoeDelgado or his Facebook @ Shadoe Delgado Art. As well keep an eye out on Black Friday the 27th through the 30th on Cyber Monday, for a "Special Black and White" version of Koog!

(Cheers for the headsup, Shadoe)

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