Uzama The Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore by Marcel Dzama x CEREALART

A slice of "toy history" thanks to DKE Toys, with the solicitation of "Uzama The Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore" by Marcel Dzama x CEREALART - for which you should go bug your fav retailer(s) for availability of, with a SRP of US$40 each … (Psst: DKE only wholesales to your "plastic crack" dealer(s), yeh? :p)
DKE DOV SAID: "Set of 6 carded figures. From left to right: Tree Man, Cloudinus, Evil Ugolinor, Xenphonaner, Uzama & Sea Snake Man. Size: 3" tall. Edition size was 2500 sets and we got a little under 200 sets. I have seen these sets for over $400 online. These came out in 2004 and predate the Sucklords first resin editions. Whoa!!!"

(Above images from Rotocasted)

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