2000AD by ThreeA Toys @ #ToySoul 2015: New Dredd Lawmaster colorway & Judge Mortis Revealed!

On display at Toy Soul 2015 (Dec 18-20) were 1/12th-scaled articulated action figures from ThreeA Toys, adapting the characters from 2000 A.D. - specifically JUDGE DREDD (seen above with a previously unseen blue-colored LAWMASTER bike!), and revealed is JUDGE MORTIS! Joining JUDGE DEATH (purchased whoo-hoo) and JUDGE FEAR (revealed at SDCC) in plotting the inevitable downfall of Dredd!!! Ye-Toy-Gawds but this is GLORIOUS! And the fourth and final Dark Judge to be revealed next is JUDGE FIRE next!

Source: SzuTsung Ein

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