Argyle Edition of Kookie No Good Plush by Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson Drops for Pre-Order on Dec 1st

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Scheduled for a pre-order via on December 1st @ 7pm PST. is the "Argyle Edition" of Kookie No Good plush! A collaboration between Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson, expect shipping to start Dec 13th, with you "present" (hopefully) arriving just in time for Christmas ~ *hint-hint*

Here are more snaps to share, and product stats!

Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson
Kookie No Good - Argyle Edition - $50
Handmade Plush - 10" tall
Limited to 50 numbered pieces
Special Flat Bonnie/SPT sewn in, numbered tag
Made from vinyl pleather, french terry, microfiber and safety eyes
Each plush comes with a removable “misfortune”.

(Cheers for the headsup, Yukari)

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