Custom-Feature: ST 1200 Custom Stormtrooper Helmet by Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong shares with us images of is "ST 1200 Custom Stormtrooper Helmet" - since SOLD OUT. Scroll down for more images and how Patrick describes his make;
PRESS: "Canadian artist Patrick Wong reveals his latest custom vinyl figure titled "ST 1200" juxtaposing the iconic Stormtrooper helmet with the music producer's favorite 12-bit sampling drum machine, the Emu Systems SP 1200.

The "ST 1200" was created with a readymade 3.5" floppy disk drive, found floppy disks, handcrafted resin faders, and an Apoxie Sculpt-modified Stormtrooper helmet. The piece was originally scheduled to exhibit in a Stormtrooper show earlier this month, but due to a limited shipping window, Wong decided not rush the artwork and withdrew from the show."

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