Inami Toyland's Cloudfall Robo Tops Drops Dec 10th

PRESS: "Robo Tops are back in time for the holidays with the Cloudfall edition. Inspired by winter weather and glimmering snow, these new colorways feature marbled white with either blue or purple. As an added effect they are coated with a hint of pearlescent blue glitter. Each figure measures approximately 2" tall and there will be 10 pieces of each colorway available at US$15 each, releasing December 10th at 9 PM EST on my web shop:" - shared Kevin Nam
WHAT-ARE: "Robo Tops combine the timeless game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the spin mechanic of a top. How it works is you spin the top and once it stops, whichever hand is raised is its move. You can play against it or if you have two of them you can play with a friend! Robo Tops are handmade by Kevin Nam from the original sculpt to resin casting."

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