It's a F.A.D. Dunny from J*RYU x Kidrobot in 8-inches for a Jan 2016 Drop!

Since it's release as a 20" behemoth of an awesome toy, Kidrobot will now be making J*RYU's "It's a F.A.D. Dunny" in 8-inches! FINALLY I have a chance to own a production piece from the sculpting master, and am truly looking forward to getting this! Alas it is available in January 2016, otherwise it'll sure be on my #TopTenToysof2015 list!
KIDROBOT PRESS: "We are excited to announce that the It's a F.A.D. 8" Dunny is releasing this January! The It's a F.A.D. 8" Dunny will be available online at and in stores at 9:00 AM MST on Tuesday, January 12th. The It's a F.A.D 8" Dunny retails for US$75.00. There will be a pewter chase piece with a ratio of 1/4."

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