#playingwith Amanda Visell's Feral & Ephunt

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I wish I had more toys from Amanda Visell but sadly I don't ... I have always loved her self-made resin collectibles, but they are sadly beyond my financial reach ... but I am glad her production pieces are as rad, and somewhat affordable, and I try to grab a piece here and there when I can afford to - which is not ideal or desired, but I'll opt to be "delighted" whenever I can, than be "disappointed" most of the time LOL.

The figure on the above right is from her new FERALS series from Kidrobot (schweet selection, BTW), while on left is the "What Did I Eat Ephunt" released back in 2010, as self produced by Switcheroo [I Reviewed It HERE] - BOTH figures of whom have "surprises" on their bellies! :)

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

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