Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis inspired artwork for #ConsoleWars @ Gallery1988 (West) opens Dec 11

Above-left: Sculpt by Brad Hill
Above-right: Portrait of Samus by Nan Lawson
Below-left: Sonic by Veks Van Hillik
Below-right: Mario by Munk One
PRESS: "Gallery1988 (West) will open its last art show of the year THIS FRIDAY, December 11th, from 7-9 PM. This group show, entitled "Console Wars," features artwork inspired by Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, the two yesteryear giants of 16-bit gaming. With a large roster of impressive names participating, these paintings, prints and sculptures will be the perfect way to end a great year of G1988 exhibits. The artwork will first be available at the opening reception on Friday, then available for purchase at the following afternoon (PT). Stay tuned to our social media (@galleries1988 on Twitter and Instagram) for more info and sneak peeks."

Above: Nesting dolls by Andy Statmiller
Below: "Mother Metroid" by Drake Brodahl

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