Threezero Teases #RoboCop2's CAIN & #District9's ALIEN

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Threezero has silently dropped a teaser snap featuring two toy figures on their workdesk0 showcasing a CAIN from "RoboCop 2", and an unpainted "Prawn" AKA Alien / Outlander from director Neill Blomkamp's 2009-film; "District 9"? The previous was first teased in an earlier image (reposted below), while the alien was not mentioned previously … made sense tho somehow, as Threezero is also doing another Blomkamp film character: Chappie! No official announcement for "District9" license as yet tho, so we might well be looking at a "prototype" made for reference (???)

Here's a closer look at both figures (cropped from the above image, so chillax :p), whom I assume to be in 1/6th-scale, as per current media-based licensed releases so far …

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