WANANEKO & BABY WANANEKO by Javier Jimenez Post-#DesignFesta Drops on Dec 11

Back from Design Festa, Javier Jiminez will be offering a series of collectibles online via starting 14:00PST (17:00EST, 7:00JST) on Friday, December 11th, featuring the following items;

- GHOST Wananeko (sofubi, factory painted) @ US$55 per.
"VERY limited stock. Comes with all the alternative hands and a cloth scarf."

- Mixed parts Wananeko (sofubi) @ US$40 per.
"Limited stock. They also come with all the alternative hands, and every piece has a different (and random) color. Available colors are yellow, red, green and lavender."

- Baby Wananeko (sofubi) @ US$12 per.
"VERY limited stock. You will get a random color from the 4 colors available (yellow, red, green and lavender)."

- Wananeko Anatomy shirts @ US$30 (including international shipping).


Lots of #stickupmonsters goodies! T-shirts, badges, stickers, handmade plushes... #wananeko #dorobanii

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