Wetworks Does Star Wars in 1/12th scale

Singapore-based toy customizer Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA "Wetworks" has been working on a personal project, in anticipation of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie premiere, showcasing his excitement for the subject! The project in question is a series of 1/12th-scaled action figures, complete with blister carded artwork by various artists (used with permission). The character figures include:

- Kylo Ren (featuring artwork of Adam Altenderfer / IG @adamaltenderfer on blister card)
- Boba Fett (featuring artwork by John Gallagher on blister card)
- C3PO with Red Arm

Stay tuned to more awesomeness on his Instagram @iamwetworks! Meanwhile, scroll down for MORE pics!

(FYI: Individual and larger images has since been posted HERE on #starwarsallday)

The Kylo Ren base figure is made from a 3A Toy "Judge Death" 1/12th, with the helmet and some bits and pieces from Hsbro's "Black" series, with the rest being scratch built!

This particular "Red-Armed" C3PO figure is repainted on a Bandai model kit. The Boba Fett featured below is also a re-painted Bandai model kit.

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