10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy Set #4 Drops Jan 16

Featured here today is the 4th one-of-a-kind custom set of the Plaseebo Mummy and Sarcophagus, to be released in celebration of the 10th year Anniversary of Plaseebo. This particular set will be available on Saturday January 16th from the Plaseebo web-shop!
PRODUCT PRESS / DESCRIPTION: "This is the fourth in the series and is cast in a GID green vinyl with a blue wash, the 7″ tall figure has been fitted with red swirled glass inset eyes in his gold metal leafed head and has an internal motion activated color-changing LED, coming complete with a companion 9″ tall vinyl sarcophagus treated to a gold metal leaf lid with a motion activated internal *sound unit that screams and moans *(a new first). Signed and dated 2015."

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